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Wedding Timelines

Planning your wedding can be pretty intense. There are many differnt vendors you will come into contact with, and use for your special day. One major vendor you will work with is the company that does your Wedding Stationary. One of the best things you can do to keep track of all items wedding is to make individual timelines. Today I'm going to share with you what we consider to be a great timeline when picking out and ordering your Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates, Thank You cards, and much more.


At the 12 month mark you and your fiance should put together a general Guest List. This will help you when looking at venues and determining your budget.

If you are having a destination wedding, or your wedding is over a holiday you should send your Save the Dates out 9-11 Months before the big day. This is also when an Engagement Party should be held.

Finalize your Guest List once you get to the 7 month mark. If your wedding is not a destination or over the holidays, send your Save the Dates once you reach 6 months.

By the time you get to 5 months before the big day you should have collected all the addresses you need for your Guest List. You should also be ordering your Wedding Invitations. If you are hosting your own Bridal Shower, you should order those invitations now as well.

For those of you having a destination wedding, or a wedding over the holidays, 12-15 weeks is when you should send out your Wedding Invitations.

Once you reach 10 weeks you should begin thinking about your "Day of Stationary". This would include Place Cards, Menu Cards, Table Numbers, Your Seating Chart and your Programs.

Now we come up to 6-8 weeks away from the big day. If you haven't sent out your Wedding Invitations, now is the time. Also one's bridal shower is usually held around this time.

6 weeks to go and the stress is probably mounting, but don't worry. Just keep with your timeline/lists and everything will be fine! If you have any additional "Day of Stationary" you should order it now. You should also order your Thank You Cards and favors at this point as well. You should be receiving your RSVPs within the next week or two also.

It's now 1-2 weeks before your wedding and you should have your final head count for the venue. The only thing left to do is enjoy and have your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party!

Time for the BIG DAY!! Everything you and your fiance has planned is finally coming to fruition. Enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast!

The last and one of the most important things on our timeline is what happens 1-3 Months after your wedding day, the Thank You Cards. Make sure you send these out within the 1-3 month mark so your guests know you appreciate them spending your special day with you.

I hope this timeline helps you with you planning, and please leave us any questions you may have in the comments!

Check back next Friday for our new entry, "Budget-Friendly Ways to Advertise".

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