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Everyone Deserves Custom Designs

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One of the recurring themes here at Totally CG is that everyone deserves access to Custom Designs for reasonable prices. We should all have the ability to make the average birthday party, baby announcement or holiday card extra special with personal touches. Unfortunately there are many companies that make it seem like Custom Designs are a luxury that many of us can't afford. I am here to tell you that you can, and I will give you a few tips on how to make your everyday designs have more of a personal touch.

Children's birthday parties are the easiest way to incorporate some custom designs into your everyday life. This is because many people pick themes for their child's party, followed by going to the closest party store and buying up all the items that fit this theme. Now don't get me wrong, party stores have some great supplies. My question is do you really want to spend most of your budget on items that fit your theme, but don't represent your child fully? Why not purchase the major things from a party supply store or craft store and then get the rest custom made? This way your party design will focus more on the child everyone is there to celebrate. Some ways to do this are to have custom invitations made. Now yes, you do not want to necessarily get custom invitations every year for a birthday party, but for major years this is a great idea! Another way you can add more personal touches are with the decorations. Depending on what age group the party is for, you could have your child make different colored handprints on simple white table cloths you get at the dollar store.This is also a great way to get your child involved in creating something for their party. If you decide to have cupcakes instead of whole cake you can make little photo sticks to accompany the decoration for the cupcakes. There are many different ways you can add a little pizzaz to your child's birthday party to make it one everybody will be sure to remember.

Outside of the slue of parties you will host over the years, you can also incorporate Custom Designed Calendars, We've Moved Announcements and probably some of the more fun items like Baby Announcements. There are so may ways you can make the everyday item a little more personal by customizing it.

Be sure to check back with us each week for more ideas on how to add custom items to your daily life. I will be posting a new piece that will rotate subjects between Wedding, Business and Everyday Needs. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask please visit our Contact Us page and send us an email!

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Our Upcoming Post will be focused on Wedding Timelines!

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