Find Your Inspiration

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While planning your wedding every Bride and Groom will have a moment when they discover how much can be done to really incorporate their personalities into the tiny details of their wedding. With Pinterest and Etsy becoming such huge markets in our everyday lives it's hard not to find the perfect inspiration for your special day.

One of the best ways to get inspiration from some of the leading industry professionals or even brides is to read Wedding Blogs. Now don't get me wrong there are A LOT of blogs out there, and Wedding Blogs are no exception, but it is a fantastic source of information. When it comes to creating the perfect look to avoid a "cookie cutter" wedding, researching blogs is a great way to go.

I have been designing Wedding Invitations for years now, but it is only since I started planning my own wedding that I realized how much information is floating around the web for those of us who want to create an experience for our wedding guests. It's not just about "hosting a wedding" anymore. More and more couples want to make their weddings something to remember. A way for their guests to connect with them on a new and even more personal level.

Themes are a major part of making that happen. If you are thinking, "Well my fiance and I haven't picked a theme," don't worry. You probably have one and don't even realize it. You don't have to choose Gatsby, Country, Hollywood Glam or any other generalized themes to have an amazing event. You can decide the colors of your wedding will be your theme, or even just how you want your guests to feel while they are there. Most importantly, how you and your fiance want to feel while you are there. My fiance and I took awhile to figure out what "theme" we wanted for our upcoming wedding. It went from just using the colors to Disney (since we are having our wedding in Disney World) to Enchanted Forest, until one day we sat down and talked about what we really wanted. What we found was that all we both wanted was for our family and friends to have a good time. We want them to feel relaxed and happy and overall just enjoy the experience of spending time with us while we celebrate our marriage to each other and the uniting of our families. When we both realized it was more of a feeling we wanted to portray, everything started to fall into place. Yes we will make sure our colors are represented, and we will incorporate Disney in our own creative way, but mostly we just wanted to be able to have fun and not become one of those couples that get extremely stressed out. Because of this new revelation we landed on an almost Bohemian Rustic theme that completely encompasses how we want our wedding to look and feel. You can obviously see that "Bohemian Rustic" isn't an "actual" theme, but when planning your wedding why not make up what you want instead of conforming to an overall idea. I'm not saying that if you like the theme Hollywood Glam you shouldn't do that, but make it your own. Add little touches that make it about you and your fiance, and not just about the theme.

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Some great ways to add little touches start with your Engagement Party Invitations. Depending upon how quickly you and your fiance land on a "theme" you can incorporate it right from the start. If you only have colors, you can make sure that is prominent on your invi