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Invitation Wording


Many of our Brides are unsure of how they want their invitations to be worded, so we have listed a few options to give you some ideas. Since everything we do is 100% customizable, these options are certainly not set in stone. Feel free to select from the options listed, or let us know if you would like to customize them a bit more! 

Together with their parents 
Julia Esabella Sanmeters 
Nicholas Kristoff Demett 
request the honour of your presence at their marriage 
on Sunday, the seventh of October 
two thousand eighteen 
at six o'clock in the evening 
Mount Zion Church 
11890 Leaf Avenue 
Chicago, Illinois

Because you have shared in 
our lives by your friendship and love, we 
Karrie Ester Bryant 
Matthew Edward Mergesen 
together with our parents 
invite you to share 
the beginning of our new life together when we exchange marriage vows 
on Friday, the eleventh of May 
two thousand eighteen at half after four o'clock 
The Hall of Casa Monica 
Four North Bend Avenue 
St. Augustine, Florida

Two lives, two hearts 
joined together in friendship 
united forever in love 
It is with joy that we, 
Elizabeth Chutney 
Mark Siegel 
invite you to share 
in a celebration of love 
as we exchange our marriage 
Saturday, the second of June 
two thousand eighteen 
four o'clock in the afternoon 
St. Michael's Church 
887 Stanley Road 
Wichita, Kansas

Life is not measured by the breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away...

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dougan

are requesting the honour of your presence

as their daughter

Jamie Lynn

gives her hand in marriage to 

Kevin Rudy

son of Mr. and Mrs. Hector Calabria

on Friday, the Twelfth of Octover

Two Thousand and Twelve

at Three o'Clock in the afternoon

Holy Family Roman Catholic Church

Seven Hundred Twenty Seven

State Highway Thirty Six

Union Beach, New Jersey

Mr. and Mrs. Rick White 
Major General and Mrs. Tim Burrough 
request the honour of your 
presence at the marriage of 
their children 
Sharon Lynn White 
Todd Michael Burrough 
as they happily unite their 
hearts, their lives and their cultures through marriage 
on Saturday, the second of August 
two thousand eighteen 
at six o'clock in the evening 
Cross Community Church

With joyful hearts, 
John and Geneva Perry 
Thomas and Sandy Ferg 
invite you to the 
marriage ceremony uniting 
Jessica Sue Perry 
Brian James Ferg 
on Saturday, October 18, 2018 
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon 
Trinity Lutheran Church 
204 1st Street Northwest 
New Richland, Minnesota

RSVP Wording


The way you word your RSVPs can say a lot about your wedding as well. Some couples prefer more formal wording, while others prefer a more casual approach. Here are some examples of wording for your RSVPs. Just like your invitations, your RSVPs are 100% customizable too. 

The favor of a reply is requested before April 8, 2018


___ will attend 
___ not able to attend


By the First of May 


___ can’t wait


 ___ sending regrets 

We will dance if you



Bring your memories to share! 


Please respond before August 16 




__ We will be delighted 
__ We have other obligations

The favour of a reply is requested on or before August 29th 


______ will attend 
______ number of persons 
______ unable to attend

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